The Real Reasons You Need A Media Converter

Let’s face it. Network technology isn’t sexy. Most people don’t sit around debating the various forms of network technology that exist today and think to themselves ‘wow, this is what I want to do in my spare time.’ The fact of the matter is that computer networks can be as boring as watching paint dry. And when it comes to the underlying technology of these networks, the only people you might be find debating the various pros and cons are true geeks.

Media converters are no different. And before you think that you can spend the rest of your life using copper connections to maintain your network, think again. Let’s look at the top 2 reasons why you might need to invest in a quality media converter. And yes, we’ll try to make this as interesting as possible. Here we go.

1)The real reason why you need a media converter is simple: distance. Copper has intrinsic limitations where it’s only really good for about 300 feet (or so the popular opinion is). After that you need to add some fiber to make the network really powerful (or at least make it operational). The real reason for copper’s distance limitations probably has something to do with copper’s inherent physical properties, but regardless, a media converter will extend copper’s effectiveness when paired up with fiber.

2)Save some money. Who doesn’t like to save some money here and there? I certainly do. If you want to redo your network completely and save a whole bunch of money, there is no reason why you should completely wire your office (or building) in fiber from the start. As attractive an option as having a business that is completely fiber (the coveted ‘fiber to desktop’), if you can save substantial money by investing in a simple media converter, it will be more than worth your while.

There is more to media converter story than meets the eye at first glance. Get informed about media converters before you take off and invest your hard earned money. A media converter can make a lot of sense in the right situation.

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